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DUI Tragedy May Cause Russians to Rethink Road Safety

DUI Tragedy May Cause Russians to Rethink Road Safety

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 29-Oct-2012

In Russia, alcohol is a common part of the culture. Yet the country has not had a strict policy on drinking and driving, which allows many dangerous drinkers out on the road when they are inhibited by alcohol. This in turn leads to devastating accidents, like the tragedy that occurred just this weekend. Five teenage orphans were waiting a bus stop with their guardians when a car swerved towards them, killing all seven people in a moment. The driver who caused the accident was severely drunk when he was arrested. A background check revealed that he had a long string of traffic violations including a DUI arrest a few years back.

The Prime Minister has declared that the country of Russia needs to stiffen their drunken driving penalties after the tragedy, and they are already debating on what measures to take. Currently, Russia is known for its weaker law enforcement officers who tend to comply with bribes and avoid arresting those who are willing to pay up. The Prime Minister has recognized that this has to change if the country wants to avoid other devastating accidents like the one this past weekend.

At the scene of the accident, Alexander Maximov stumbled out of his car bloodied and disoriented. He had been driving and the equivalent to 125 miles per hour when he hit the bus stop. He suffered head injuries in the collision, but was able to appear in court on Monday to be read his charges. In Russia, the punishment for DUI manslaughter is harsh. Maximov may spend up to 9 years in prison for his actions. Yet lawmakers are thinking about making the sentences even harsher. If you have been charged with DUI manslaughter here in Florida, then you may also face years in prison. Talk to a Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer if you need representation in your case.

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