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Military Called to Step Up in Curbing Drug Abuse

Military Called to Step Up in Curbing Drug Abuse

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 18-Sep-2012

Over the past decade, more and more military personnel have started to struggle with drug abuse while on duty. Unfortunately, The New York Times has recently found that the military has been behind the times when it comes to preventing these problems through screening and treating those who are addicted. Charles P. O'Brien, the chairman of a panel that researched drug abuse among military personnel, says that service members and their families would be better cared for if screening was placed as a priority. He says that the military has inadequate prevention strategies at present, and there is a lack of staff and coverage for services that would help to curb drug addictions.

A report which was created by the Institute of Medicine says that drinking is an accepted custom within the military, and illicit drug use has risen sharply in the last decade. About 11 percent of all active duty personnel now admit that they misuse prescription drugs. Many soldiers overdose on opioid pain killers because they like the euphoria that the drug can render. This is illegal, but the practice is not commonly monitored. Prescription drug use is rising faster among the military personnel than it is among civilians. It is more common than illegal drug use in the military.

Researchers believe that the military drug problem can be curbed through better services which would help the disentangle men and women from their addiction. Yet there are times that civilians and soldiers can be arrested for their crime. If you have been charged with a drug crime in Florida, you want the best representation on your side to come to your defense. Whether you are convicted of abusing a prescription drug or smuggling illegal narcotics, you need to contact a Fort Lauderdale lawyer at Parks & Braxton to be your advocate in the court room!

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