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"Pill Mills" are a Significant Problem in South Florida

"Pill Mills" are a Significant Problem in South Florida

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 16-Jul-2012

Federal agents are constantly on the lookout for pain clinics where drugs are handed to patients unregulated. These "pill mills" permit unlawful doses of narcotic pain killers for people with even the most limited of symptoms. One drug czar says that the pain reliever mills are spreading all over Florida, while more and more men and women develop uncanny symptoms and invent illnesses to get the drugs that they want. The pain clinics are currently "on the run," spreading from South to North Florida and into neighboring states like Georgia. The Drug Enforcement Administration recently raided a "pill mill" that was near Atlanta, Georgia. They discarded many of the powerful narcotics and shut down the practice. One DEA says that the modern day pill mills are similar to the crack houses that developed in the 80's.

For a high price, these illegal entities will fill almost any prescription to the brim with stronger-than –needed medications. Florida launched a database to monitor the pill mills last year, and the Georgia Drug and Narcotics agency is now following the practice. Yet despite taking precautions to eliminate the pill mills, researchers say that almost 150 of them are currently in production. More and more of the houses are popping up just inside the Georgia border, where the Drug Enforcement Agency is still developing a method to combat the institutions.

In Florida, harsh precautions have been taken to try and eradicate pill mills. Now, when a doctor prescribes a strong drug for a patient, the names of both the physician and the individual receiving the medicine are logged into a database. Law enforcement have permission to access this database at their leisure when they want to make sure that someone is not refilling his or her prescription at an illegal pill mill. If you were caught in a pill mill fiasco, and are now awaiting a trial in court, you need a drug crime lawyer on your side. Contact a Fort Lauderdale drug crime attorney at Parks & Braxton, PA if you are from the Fort Lauderdale area.

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