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Blog Posts in July, 2012

  • 31-Jul-2012

    Miami Man Arrested After Another Dark Knight Scare

    Since James Holmes shot and killed a dozen innocents at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, movie goers have been more cautious. As well, theaters have been taken extra safety measures to keep patrons safe at the theater. Recently, a man in ...
  • 31-Jul-2012

    22-Year-Old Sentenced to 44 Years in Prison for DUI Manslaughter

    DUIs are taken seriously, and a DUI that ends in the death of an innocent individual is never taken lightly. Demetrius Jordan never intended to hurt anyone when he got in his car intoxicated in Pinellas County, Florida. He was simply trying to drive ...
  • 27-Jul-2012

    Fort Lauderdale Resident Arrested After Killing Biker in DUI

    When a person is inhibited by alcohol, he or she may do things that are not characteristic. These could include feeling the scene of an accident, driving into barriers, swerving and failing to see pedestrians or bikers in the road. Even with blinking ...
  • 24-Jul-2012

    Road Rage Offender Caught on Camera

    Road rage can be a serious issue, especially if weapons are involved. According to CBS News, two drivers in Fort Lauderdale were caught on a security camera when their driving habits and emotions got a little out of hand. According to the news ...
  • 24-Jul-2012

    Man Arrested in Crash That Killed One

    A Fort Lauderdale resident was killed last week in a horrific accident. The driver was moving down the street near West Broward Boulevard when he was struck by a 1999 Lexus zooming in the opposite direction. The driver in the Lexus tried to speed off ...
  • 16-Jul-2012

    Fort Lauderdale Limousine Crashes Into Pole at Airport

    A limousine service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida took a serious hit when one of their drivers slammed a fully occupied car into a pole in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport parking lot. The 2008 Lincoln Navigator was driven by a 75-year-old from ...
  • 16-Jul-2012

    "Pill Mills" are a Significant Problem in South Florida

    Federal agents are constantly on the lookout for pain clinics where drugs are handed to patients unregulated. These "pill mills" permit unlawful doses of narcotic pain killers for people with even the most limited of symptoms. One drug czar ...

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