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Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • 30-Aug-2012

    Housekeeper Charged With Stealing Checks from Boss

    Housekeepers often have access to almost every room, drawer, and spot in the house. People place a lot of trust in their cleaning crew, assuming that they won’t try to lift valuable items out of the house or steal valuable information. Yet one ...
  • 26-Aug-2012

    Teen Arrested for DUI While Driving Drunk Relative Home

    A teen in Florida was recently arrested for driving under the influence, while he was taking his drunk 47-year-old relative home from a party. The teen, who was not licensed to drive, was told to drive his relative home because he claimed that he was ...
  • 23-Aug-2012

    Teacher Arrested with 53 Pounds of Marijuana in Car

    An Elsik High School science teacher was caught with 53 pounds in of marijuana in her car today, giving a new meaning to the words "higher education." Percy Melton was pulled over for a minor traffic offense, but when the police began to ...
  • 23-Aug-2012

    Hot Fudge Sundae Could Send Offender to Jail

    An angry customer at a Knoxville, Tennessee McDonalds may end up in jail after his argument with an employee at the fast food restaurant got out of hand. The Huffington Post reports that the man faces up to $1,000 in fines and 364 days in jail for ...
  • 14-Aug-2012

    Crocs Co-Founder George Boedecker Jr. Arrested for DUI

    You can blame George Boedecker Jr. for your comfortable pair of water resistant Crocs, just like he tried to blame country singer Taylor Swift for his DUI on August 14th. The businessman was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, and was ...
  • 14-Aug-2012

    Six Charged After Palm Beach Home is Vandalized

    According to Florida Today, four men and a juvenile delinquent are facing charges after they broke into a two story Palm Bay Home and destroyed the garage door. They also smeared paint all over the walls and smashed the doors in a seemingly ...
  • 6-Aug-2012

    Teen Charged as Adult in Fort Lauderdale Murder Case

    17-year-old Devonte Martin should technically be tried as a minor in his murder case, but a grand jury has chosen to charge him as an adult because he is nearing his 18th birthday. Because he is being evaluated as an adult, the young man will face ...
  • 1-Aug-2012

    Will Florida Be Getting Rid of Red Light Cameras?

    Traffic laws are instated to promote public safety—or so lawmakers say. The newest innovation to uphold these laws is the traffic red light camera. These cameras are designed to take pictures of motorists who are breaking traffic laws by ...

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