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Man Arrested in Crash That Killed One

Man Arrested in Crash That Killed One

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 24-Jul-2012

A Fort Lauderdale resident was killed last week in a horrific accident. The driver was moving down the street near West Broward Boulevard when he was struck by a 1999 Lexus zooming in the opposite direction. The driver in the Lexus tried to speed off after the collision, and didn't take the time to check and see if anything was wrong with the other driver. The police were notified of the accident by witnesses, and told that they needed to get on the scene immediately and track down the hit-and-run suspect.

Police chased down the criminal while EMTs tried to save the person in the other car. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The other driver was tested and declared driving under the influence. He was also charged with failing to remain at the scene of a deadly crash, a hit-and-run offense. The 44-year-old may face DUI manslaughter, and charges of fleeing the scene of an accident, trying to evade a police officer, and more.

Oftentimes, when you are charged with DUI, there are multiple consequences and punishments involved. In cases where your DUI resulted in an accident, you may end up serving decades in prison for DUI manslaughter. In Florida, those who are charged with a DUI and manslaughter will face up to $10,000 in fines and 15 years in prison. Those who leave the scene after DUI manslaughter can end up with a first-degree felony charge that includes up to $10,000 in fines and 30 years in prison. If these punishments are a possibility in your case, it is essential that you have excellent representation on your case.

Talk to a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer at Parks & Braxton for more information. We will fight for you from your free consultation until the end of your trial. Contact us at any time!

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