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Road Rage Offender Caught on Camera

Road Rage Offender Caught on Camera

Posted By Parks & Braxton || 24-Jul-2012

Road rage can be a serious issue, especially if weapons are involved. According to CBS News, two drivers in Fort Lauderdale were caught on a security camera when their driving habits and emotions got a little out of hand. According to the news reports, the police are now searching for one of the drivers who may have fired several shots at the man who had allegedly followed him after being caught off on the road. The occurrence happened last Friday in the Fort Lauderdale area, when the driver or a Ford F-150 pulled off of Dixie Highway. He was following a tan BMW for a short distance when it pulled into a driveway.

The driver of the truck claims that he was not actually following the vehicle, but merely taking the same route to get to his destination. The person in the tan BMW quickly got out of his car as the Ford F-150 drove by, and fired at the truck with a handgun as it pulled away. Then, the BMW driver hopped back in his car, pulled out of the random driveway, and left the neighborhood. The driver of the F-150 was not hurt, but the bullets grazed his truck. He says that he did not know what was going on until he looked in his rearview mirror and saw the attacker standing there with a smoking gun in his hand.

He is not sure why he was the target of the man’s road rage. He says that he is thankful that there were no children out playing in the residential neighborhood at the time that he fired. A surveillance video captured the shooting and the image of the driver. Yet he hasn’t been caught. The Fort Lauderdale police are hoping that someone can help them to discover this man. If caught, he could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with a similar crime for a road rage incident.

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