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22-Year-Old Sentenced to 44 Years in Prison for DUI Manslaughter

22-Year-Old Sentenced to 44 Years in Prison for DUI Manslaughter

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 31-Jul-2012

DUIs are taken seriously, and a DUI that ends in the death of an innocent individual is never taken lightly. Demetrius Jordan never intended to hurt anyone when he got in his car intoxicated in Pinellas County, Florida. He was simply trying to drive home. Yet his impaired state caused the death of Elroy and Nathan McConnell. Their family was devastated and is still coping with the horrific and sudden loss. Mrs. McConnell told local news that she prays for strength to get through every day without her two precious children. Elroy and Nathan were both grown men with impressive careers, wives, and children.

Their lives were terminated, along with two other McConnell boys, when Demetrius came rushing at them at 92 miles per hour and slammed into the car in an intersection. The police determined that Jordan had a BAC of over twice the limit, and had need drinking a cocktail of gin and Four Loko. Four Loko has reformulated their drink since the incident because the levels of caffeine and alcohol were causing severe impairment. Jordan had also been smoking marijuana before getting in his car. The accident occurred while the McConnell men were on vacation celebrating the youngest sibling's 19th birthday.

The men were on their way back from a guy's movie night when Jordan approached the intersection and struck their vehicle. He plead guilty to DUI manslaughter before a formal trial was even organized, but the McConnell's don't even believe that 44 years in prison is enough. Ana McConnell, the widow of one of the victims, says that she believes Jordan deserves more than prison for causing her two-year-old son to grow up without a father.

The courts are sympathetic to those who lost their families in DUI accidents, and may even impose harsher sentences on the offender. If you are worried about your future in a DUI manslaughter case, you need a lawyer like the DUI defenders at Parks & Braxton, PA. We are dedicated to helping you through your case and fighting for the best possible outcome. Contact our firm today for more information about how to get the best defense from Fort Lauderdale's premier team!

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