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DUIs can Affect your Career

DUIs Can Affect Your Career

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 9-Oct-2012

Mary Ann Gardner is an orthopedic surgeon with an impressive resume, but she may not be practicing medicine any more after the stunt she pulled on a Florida highway this weekend. According to a local news station, the woman was driving a black Toyota FJ cruiser and swerving all over the road in an erratic and dangerous manner. A car that was following her vehicle pulled out his cell phone to take a video of the dangerous driver. He narrated by saying that the driver was going to kill somebody. His wife added that the driver was all over the road.

When interviewed later, the husband and wife who took the video say that they were almost sideswiped by the dangerous driver, and then called 911 to report the vehicle. The Blishes followed the Toyota, hoping that it would not be involved in a gruesome accident. One witness said that she was terrified she was going to see people die that night. Eventually, the Florida Highway Patrol responded to the 911 call and was able to pull the driver over.

Gardner may be an impressive doctor, but her poor decision to drive while heavily intoxicated could damage her career. The woman has been bonded out of jail but waits sentencing in the near future. Doctors and others who have prestigious careers are often held to a higher standard than the average worker. No patient wants to know that his or her surgeon has been arrested for a DUI, just like no civilian would respect a police officer that has been arrested for a DUI while off duty. If you work in an occupation where people need to respect, trust, and rely on you, then a DUI can be particularly damaging. Contact a Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney today if you have been arrested for a DUI and need expert representation to try and avoid a serious sentence.

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