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Landscapers Steal from Seniors

Landscapers Steal from Seniors

Posted By Parks & Braxton || 10-Oct-2012

Burglars like to disguise themselves as all sorts of unassuming parties in order to steal without getting caught or being suspected. Recently, three men were arrested in Fort Lauderdale after they pretended to be landscapers so that they could steal from senior citizens. The men came dressed in landscaper garb and offered to spruce up senior citizen’s yards in Florida.

Then they would return the next day, and slowly scam the men and women out of thousands of dollars. The South Florida burglars focused on finding easy marks. Typically they would locate an older American with a mental disability or cognitive impairment and then insist that they were trustworthy landscapers. The naive elderly men and women would then agree to the deals, and be charged thousands for landscaping work that wasn’t done or wasn’t needed.

A Broward County judge ordered two of the ring suspects to be held on a $30,000 bond. They have been charged with grand theft and exploiting the elderly. A third suspect was arrested Tuesday but has not come to the court yet for a hearing. The landscaping scheme allegedly carried on for over four years and the victims lost a collective $20,000. The thieves operated under the business name Royal Tree Service, but experimented with other pseudonyms as well when they were working for the seniors.

The fraudulent landscapers would often come back day after day, insisting that they had to do more work. One victim had statements saying that he had been charged over one thousand dollars three times over in one week. While this scheme sounds unscrupulous and devious, there are always possibilities that the wrong suspects were arrested. For example, if a true landscaper arrived at a senior’s home soon after the fraudulent landscapers did, then that innocent man might be brought into the case when he was not a part of it.

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