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Grand Theft

Fort Lauderdale Grand Theft Lawyer

Have you been arrested for grand theft?

The penalties that are assigned to theft crimes are based upon the value of the stolen item(s) and the manner in which they are stolen. For example, a person robbing a jewelry store by holding the owner at gunpoint will undoubtedly face harsher penalties than a person who hides a shirt in their backpack and walks out of a department store. When an individual steals property that is valued at $300.00 or more, they will be charged with grand theft.

Grand theft is a felony crime that can result in state prison time and other strict penalties as well. If you are under investigation for grand theft, or if you have been arrested for this crime, you must contact a criminal defense attorney who has a thorough understanding of criminal law.

Fort Lauderdale Theft Attorney Challenging Grand Theft Charges

Grand theft is significantly more serious than petty theft charges. It is important to have the protection that a legal defender can provide from the moment that you learn of your charges. At Parks & Braxton, PA, we have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases during our 50+ combined years of legal experience in criminal law. Our clients benefit from our caring guidance both in and out of the courtroom, and we fight tirelessly to have charges reduced or dismissed before they even reach court.

Shoplifting, embezzlement, fraud, identity theft and carjacking can all be classified as petty or grand theft crimes, depending on the value of the property that is stolen. Our firm is waiting to provide you with the superior legal counsel and defense you need to handle these inconvenient charges, so call today.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale theft attorney regarding your grand theft charges, and receive a free and confidential consultation!

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