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Fighting Burglary and Theft Charges

If you have been arrested for burglary charges, you must know that you will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law by state or even federal prosecutors. This crime involves the act of entering a business, dwelling, or structure with the intent of stealing or committing a crime inside the premises. You can be convicted of burglary if the prosecution can prove that you intended to commit a felony or theft after entering the premises, even if the crime did not actually take place.

The state of Florida considers burglary to be a felony offense, but under certain circumstances these charges can be reduced to a misdemeanor. After you have been accused of burglary, the first and most important step you need to take is to contact a criminal defense attorney who can fight the prosecution on your behalf. You must give your defense lawyer an opportunity to fully review the evidence against you and construct a strong defense, so call today.

Assertive & Experienced Burglary Attorney

There are two types of burglary charges that you may be accused of. In 1st degree burglary, also known as residential burglary, the individual enters into an inhabited home, garage, warehouse, aircraft or any other residence (dwelling) and then commits an assault/battery inside. The penalties for this crime includes up to 30 year maximum prison term, up to $10,000 in fines, probation, parole and more.

The other type of burglary, 2nd degree burglary, involves the entering of a residence with the intent of committing a crime inside. The actual crime does not actually have to take place in order for an individual to be charged with 2nd degree burglary, and this crime is punishable by up to 15 years in Florida State Prison.

At Parks & Braxton, PA, we are familiar with the different situations and charges that can lead to a burglary conviction. We have successfully defended thousands of clients against criminal charges because we possess an intimate knowledge criminal law and we use our experience to fight theft crime charges. Our team of defenders is waiting to provide you with the confidential, high-quality legal counsel you need.

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