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Cocaine Godmother Griselda Blanco Killed in Butcher Shop

Cocaine Godmother Griselda Blanco Killed in Butcher Shop

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 6-Sep-2012

Griselda Blanco was famous in the drug world for ordering at least 40 murders and trafficking cocaine across the United States with some 20 aliases. The virtually uncatchable woman moved about 300 kilos of cocaine per month even into her mid-forties. She was constantly sought after by police, but up until Monday, September 3, she was never apprehended. Then, Blanco was purchasing $150 worth of meat when she was gunned down in a Medellin neighborhood.

The cocaine trade pioneer was most well known in Miami, where she bloodied the streets with her ordered murders. The murder was quick. As Blanco walked out of the butcher shop, a man on a motorbike quickly got off of his vehicle, shot her twice in the head, and then calmly got back on the bike and rode off. The woman lay dying in the streets when her pregnant daughter-in-law discovered her. She laid a Bible on her chest in a dramatic action that paralleled Blanco's arrest in 1985.

The people who witnessed the attack were not aware of Blanco's identity at the time. A witness described the death as professional. The killer was cool and calculated. A police spokesman says that Blanco has been in Medellin for the last eight years after serving 19 years in U.S. prisons and being deported. There was no evidence that she was still involved in drug trafficking.

If the case had occurred in the United States, police say that there would have been an infinite amount of suspects. Blanco started her life of crime by picking pockets in New York, and then started trafficking marijuana. From there she moved onto cocaine, which she hid in specially made clothes. She became a drug lord, known for killing ruthlessly on a whim. Already, screenwriters are bustling to complete their scripts and immortalize Blanco's notorious life in movies.

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