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Woman Arrested for DUI with 8 Kids in the Car

Woman Arrested for DUI with 8 Kids in the Car

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 11-Sep-2012

Driving drunk is dangerous, but driving drunk with children in the car puts many little lives at risk. That is why Lawanda Lowery-Gale was not only arrested for a DUI, but given 8 counts of child neglect when she was found behind the wheel and intoxicated. The woman was arrested while on her way to the bar with the eight children in the van. She was arrested on a Saturday, and remained in jail until the following Tuesday, when she was released on a $325,000 bond. The woman was also charged with property damage and driving on a suspended license.

The lady from Gainesville, Florida told the police that she was trying to get to a night club when she sideswiped another car. The other driver did not report any injuries, but the damage from the wreck was estimated at about $1,000. The eight children inside the large van varied in age from 10 months to 14 years of age. Six of the kids were Lowery-Gales and the other two were her nieces. In addition to a tragic sentence, Lowery-Gale will most likely lose custody of her beloved children, as she has been declared an unfit mother.

The children will instead be placed in the foster care system, where they will be moved from home to home until they are 18 or until they are eventually brought back to their mother because of her display of repentance. In a case like this one, there is more at stake than a fine and some jail time. If you have been charged with child neglect because you had your young one in the car while driving intoxicated, then you will want an excellent Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney on your side to help you battle the charges. Talk to someone one today for more information!

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