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Drug Importation

Drug Importation in Fort Lauderdale

Movement of Narcotics Into Florida

What is drug importation? As one of the least known drug crimes, importation involves the unlawful action of bringing substances from other areas into the state of Florida or into the United States from a foreign country. Bringing any type of illegal substance across state lines or any type of border automatically constitutes a federal offense, and a federal agency such as the DEA, or Drug Enforcement Administration, may become involved. Those involved with drug smuggling circles in foreign areas such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Columbia, or Costa Rica disguise the drugs to smuggle them across the borders - they go as far as to hide them in vehicle tires, motors, and in the bodies of the deceased.

These charges are some of the most serious drug crime charges, as the prosecution may automatically associate a defendant with a drug ring or another type of organized drug circle. It is very important to have a skilled lawyer on your case as soon as an investigation has begun or if you have been arrested and charged with this type of crime. This offense can lead to some of the most disturbing consequences, including a long term of imprisonment, fines of up to $500,000, parole, probation, community service, and possibly a driver's license suspension.

Parks & Braxton, PA: Fighting for Your Innocence

Here at Parks & Braxton, PA, we will find it to be our duty to meticulously examine the drug importation charges against you and find flaws in the prosecution's case. Our lawyers have resolved thousands of cases in a successful manner, and we want your drug importation case to be our next victory! We have been featured on many TV shows, including ABC, Fox News, CNBC, CBS, and many more.

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Fort Lauderdale, you need our help! We can fight to prove that you were unaware of the illegal substances that were strategically placed in your vehicle by a drug ring trying to smuggle the drugs across the border, for example. No matter what type of drug you have been accused of smuggling, from cocaine to ecstasy, heroin to marijuana, our law firm is ready to help you get out of this mess.

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