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Crocs Co-Founder George Boedecker Jr. Arrested for DUI

Crocs Co-Founder George Boedecker Jr. Arrested for DUI

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 14-Aug-2012

You can blame George Boedecker Jr. for your comfortable pair of water resistant Crocs, just like he tried to blame country singer Taylor Swift for his DUI on August 14th. The businessman was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, and was found slumped over behind the wheel with the car running. The person who discovered him called the police. When the Boulder police arrived on the scene they found Boedecker outside of his care, which was a black Porsche Carrera. The millionaire shut off his car and began to walk away when he saw an ambulance on the street which was sent for him. The woman who had noticed Boedecker passed out in the car thought that he had pulled over to take a nap, be when she asked him she got multiple versions of an elaborate story.

In one version, Boedecker said that his girlfriend had been driving and that she was "bat crazy." When Boedecker finished his story, he tried to get in the car and drive off. A police officer asked him to come over and talk. The officer says that it was at this time that he realized that Boedecker smelled like alcohol. He was slurring his workers and was unsteady on his feet, so the officer decided it would be wise to conduct DUI tests. When asked what his address was, Boedecker shot back that he had 17 homes.

He then explained that his girlfriend had been driving the car and had gotten out and run off in the midst of an argument. Boedecker continued to explain that his girlfriend was famous, and asked if the police knew who Taylor Swift was. When the police asked where Taylor Swift had gone in such a hurry, he pointed to a nearby yard and said Nashville. Swift is dating Conor Kennedy, and the couple were recently photographed at the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts. At this point, Boedecker was handcuffed. He began to complain about the arrest. He was later released on a $500 bond. When his BAC results come back from the lab, police will decide whether or not to press charges against the high-profile driver.

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