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Teen Arrested for DUI While Driving Drunk Relative Home

Teen Arrested for DUI While Driving Drunk Relative Home

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 26-Aug-2012

A teen in Florida was recently arrested for driving under the influence, while he was taking his drunk 47-year-old relative home from a party. The teen, who was not licensed to drive, was told to drive his relative home because he claimed that he was not in any condition to operate a vehicle. The fact is that neither the teen nor his older partner should have been in the driver's seat. 47-year-old Christopher Stone was wearing only his underwear from where he sat in the passenger seat, and couldn't remember his relative's birthday when asked by a police officer. The teen, who was also heavily intoxicated, was swearing and acting hostile towards the cops.

When the police asked the younger driver for his license, he claimed that it was inside his wallet which was somewhere in the truck. The wallet was not found, deputies asked Stone if the wallet could be inside his pants, which were lying in the bed of the truck. The teen was arrested for driving under the influence and driving without a license and taken to the Santa Rose County Jail. The young man had a BAC of .18, which is twice the limit even for an adult.

For a child, there is a zero tolerance policy, meaning that the adolescent would have been arrested even if he was not so impaired. Stone was arrested for allowing an unauthorized minor to drive and for felony cruelty towards a child. He is now in jail. If you have been charged with a DUI, then you will want reliable legal help in the court room. At Parks & Braxton, we are devoted to taking your DUI case and working hard to give you the best verdict we can work towards. Your first move after a DUI arrest should be calling a knowledgeable firm like ours to help you with your case!

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