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Driving With a Revoked License

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Were you caught driving with a revoked license?

Any number of reasons can lead to having your license revoked. You may have had a serious DUI offense and now you have lost your right to drive. While a license suspension means that you have only lost your driving right for a period of time, a revocation means that your license is completely taken away, and until certain requirements are met you will not be able to drive. Once you are allowed to have a license again, you will need to start back at the beginning to obtain a license, and this is done by filling out an application.

Not being able to drive is a huge loss since many of us have places we need to be, and we need to drive in order to get there. While you can rely on family and friends to take you around, it can be burdensome on them as well as difficult for you to always find a ride. Many people choose to ignore the fact that their license was revoked and they get behind the wheel illegally. If law enforcement catches you, a traffic ticket can put you in serious trouble. You may have had an obligation or an emergency that caused you to drive without your license, but this may or may not help you avoid the serious penalties of this kind of violation.

Revoked License Defense in Fort Lauderdale

A Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket lawyer from our firm understands that there are many situations that can arise and many reasons for why you may have been behind the wheel. Your charge may actually not even be legitimate. Regardless, our team can represent you with strength and capability. Being caught driving with a revoked license may cause you to loose further driving privileges, which our attorneys want to help you avoid. We have handled thousands of cases; aiding those charged to avoid suffering penalties. When you are charged for a traffic ticket offense, call our firm for a free case evaluation. Do not wait! The faster we are brought on to help, the better chance we have of protecting you and your driving record.

At Parks & Braxton, PA, our legal team has nearly five decades of experience in defending all types of traffic violations and criminal charges. If you are facing accusations of driving on a revoked or suspended license, you need the help of an attorney at our law firm. We have already handled thousands of cases successfully, and we look forward to guiding you through the process as well. We can take your call 24 / 7 and are available to speak on nights, weekends, and holidays.

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