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Fighting a Ticket

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Fighting a Florida Traffic Ticket

Many traffic violations can be somewhat subjective. While Florida has strict traffic laws that are used to guide traffic in the state, not all of those laws have exact standards. Many of them can be left up to officers to determine. The highway patrol may claim that they viewed you making the mistake on the roads but they have no evidence to offer. Without videos or recording, the only thing they have to go off of is their word.

The truth is, the law enforcement officer may not always have viewed the situation correctly or may have bent the truth about just how recklessly you were driving. In other situations, the officer may have been far off and without a close view it can be difficult to properly determine exactly what happened. If an officer was distracted while watching a stop sign, they may have thought you did not stop as long as you actually did.

You can contest your ticket! We can help!

Police are not without errors, and when their mistakes harm you a Fort Lauderdale traffic violation attorney can fight to make sure that you are not taken advantage of. Without proof, many of the citations against our clients have not stood when taken to court. Our attorneys are vastly experience in courtroom proceedings and have successfully argued countless cases. You have a right to fair treatment and that includes not being wrongfully ticketed.

The effects of a traffic violation can cost you financially and harm your driving record. You may even lose your license as a result. Make sure that you are defended by having Parks & Braxton, PA on your side. We have already assisted on thousands of cases and resolved these successfully, and we are willing to put up a fight for you. No traffic ticket is too difficult and we are well qualified to handle any number of serious issues. When you are ticketed you are not without say. Our attorneys will build a compelling case that demonstrates the many holes present in the violation that you allegedly committed. Don't leave yourself susceptible to unproven allegations by highway patrol.

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