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While many drivers may obey the regulations of the move over law, they may not be aware of what the law actually is. This law is similar to how it sounds, it is a requirement to move over under certain circumstances when you are on the roads. The move over law applies specifically to emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. It was enacted to deal with the amount of deaths and injuries that occur to paramedics, officers and others that responded and were on the scene. If you have accidentally violated this law or were accused of doing so, our Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorney will defend you against a ticket.

The move over law in Florida requires drivers to either move over a lane or slow down at least 20 mph below what the posted speed limit is when they come up to an accident scene where emergency responders are, or when they come up to an emergency vehicle that has its lights flashing or siren on. On a one way road where there is nowhere for drivers to move over, they are required to slow down to 20 mph below the speed limit as well. If the speed limit where the emergency vehicle is present is 25 mph or below, drivers need to drop their speed to 5 mph. A ticket for failing to do so can add 3 points to your driving record in Florida, where a maximum of 12 is allowed before penalties begin occurring such as a suspension or revocation of your license. Other repercussions of breaking the move over law can include fines and court fees.

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