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Tailgating Charges in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Traffic Attorney: Challenging Tailgating Charges

Florida traffic laws can be strict when it comes to regulating the roads. Many types of tickets can be somewhat subjective and it is left up to the officer to decide if an offence occurred. This can leave a ticket open for error since the officer may not have always correctly witnessed what had happened. If you have been ticketed, speak to a Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorney about your rights. You do not have to pay your ticket and move on; you do have a right to fight a ticket.

You may have been charged for one type of traffic ticket, tailgating, that you do not fully understand. Tailgating occurs when you are following the car in front of you too closely. Failing to leave enough room between you and the car in front of you can result in an accident if they stop suddenly, so laws have been imposed to deter drivers from following too close.

While the general guidelines state that you should stay about 3 seconds behind the driver in front of you, there is no exact way of determining how close you were to the car in front of you. The officer can ticket you if they believe you were following too closely from what they saw. Someone may have cut in front of you or the car may have put on their breaks fast, and the officer may have thought you were closer than you actually were.

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With our help, you can dispute your ticket to avoid the repercussions. The more offenses you have on your record, the more trouble you are in. Certain offenses under the state's laws can impose points on your record. These points can hinder your driving rights if they get high enough as well as your insurance. More offenses can also restrict you from being eligible to take traffic school which allows you to avoid the violation from going on your record. While some violations are more detrimental that others, any traffic violation is a bad mark on your driving record.

Let Parks & Braxton, PA guide you through the process of defending a traffic ticket for tailgating or any other moving violation. Our lawyers have successfully defended thousands of cases in the past for clients, as we have a track record that often speaks for itself. Over the years, we have become one of the most well-known law firms due to our great volume of successfully handled cases, and we want yours to be our next success story. We are ready to take your call at any time of the day or night - 24 / 7 - so call us today!

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