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A Judge is Judged in a DUI Case

A Judge is Judged in a DUI Case

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 25-Oct-2012

When you are arrested for a DUI, it is important that you play by the rules and hire an accomplished attorney to come to your side in the trial. Yet being charged with a DUI may have a direct effect on your occupation, and that may be something that even an attorney cannot help you with. Recently, a judge in Idaho was compelled to announce her retirement after she was caught driving drunk. The woman was arrested by a police officer on August 25th and was charged with a misdemeanor offense.

She was removed from presiding over criminal cases while she underwent a DUI trial, but was not able to prove that she was innocent of the offense. She has pleaded not guilty, but has also announced her retirement in order to avoid being fired by the court system. The judge realizes that they will not permit a convicted criminal to preside over criminal defense cases, even if the crime was merely driving under the influence. American government takes driving drunk seriously. All throughout the United States, driving with a BAC over 0.08 percent is considered illegal and can be punished by jail times, fines, community service and more.

Commercial drivers cannot have a BAC over 0.04 percent, and if they are caught disobeying this crime they can be severely punished. If you work in law enforcement or in the justice system, as well as if you work in politics or on a government entity, then chances are that your DUI will affect your occupation. If you and your lawyer are able to prove that you are innocent of your DUI allegations, then you will probably be able to keep your occupation. If you are convicted, you may be fired as a result. Contact an attorney at Parks & Braxton, PA if your career is at stake and you need help in your case!

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