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Palm Bay Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest for Counterfeit Currency

Palm Bay Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest for Counterfeit Currency

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 23-Oct-2012

The Palm Bay police were performing a routine traffic stop when they say a vehicle swerving on Kirkland Road. They also noticed that the vehicle license tag which indicated that the driver was on a suspended license and was not permitted to drive along the roadway. As a result, Palm Bay police chose to pull the offender over and discovered that his car smelled like burning marijuana.

The driver also had an open can of beer in the front console, which is a violation of open container laws. Tory Lamar Small of Melbourne was flustered as he tried to hide the evidence of his offenses when the police talked to him. Small was the passenger in a car that was driven by 56-year-old Andre Siders. The police asked to search Siders’ vehicle when they smelled the strong odor of marijuana, and the two men consented.

Upon looking through compartments to find the drug, the police discovered 10 forged $100 bills in the glove compartment of the car. The driver of the vehicle told the officers that the bogus cash belonged to Small, not himself. Siders was charged with violation of probation in connection to the case, but told the officers that Small had asked him to drive because Small did not have a license. Records confirmed that this was true. Small was arrested for possessing forged notes and possession of less than one gram of marijuana.

The young man’s currency was missing the watermarks that are found on legitimate bills that are produced by government agencies. Printing counterfeit currency is a serious crime that can be punished severely. At present, Small has been released from jail but will have to attend a trial for his crime. Typically, forgery and counterfeit is considered a third degree felony in this state. Talk to lawyer at Parks & Braxton today if you have been accused of counterfeiting currency and need representation in court.

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