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Marijuana Possession

Fort Lauderdale Marijuana Possession Lawyer

About the Unlawful Possession, Cultivation & Sales of Marijuana

It is becoming more and more popular for many individuals and groups across the nation to unlawfully possess and use marijuana on almost an everyday basis. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health provides statistics showing that the use of marijuana is increasing across all age groups, from teens to adults and everywhere in between. While statewide and nationwide campaigns have been launched to prevent and stop the unlawful use of marijuana, sometimes referred to as weed or pot, the use of this Schedule I drug continues to rise. As a result, Florida has been forced to enact strict policies regarding marijuana use, possession, sales, trafficking, distribution, cultivation, and more.

Unfortunately, not all charges related to the unlawful substance of marijuana are made in a correct fashion. In some cases, such as with a person who is unaware of the drugs in their possession, a drug dog at a high school may lead to a wrongful arrest of an innocent person who may have been framed by another student. It is up to you to obtain the legal services of the best Fort Lauderdale drug crime attorney that you can trust and count on. Here at Parks & Braxton, PA, we provide high-quality legal services to individuals and families across all age groups who have been charged with a marijuana related offense. We understand that these charges are extremely serious, as are the consequences, and we will do everything in our power to adhere to an aggressive defense strategy.

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Our law firm has over 48 years of combined legal experience and we are prepared to use every ounce of our knowledge to give you or your child a fighting chance in the marijuana crime case. There are many different types of charges a person can face related to marijuana, and even more charges may be added on at the preliminary hearing phase of the criminal process without the immediate assistance of a defense attorney.

For the effective defense strategy you need, contact a Fort Lauderdale marijuana possession attorney from our firm. Free consultation available and calls are answered 24 / 7!

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