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Drug Crimes

Fort Lauderdale Drug Crime Attorney

Possession, Cultivation & Other Drug Charges

Have you or your loved one been charged with a drug-related crime? If you have been placed in this unfortunate position, you need to act immediately to secure a legal advocate who will aggressively defend your rights. The penalties for drug crimes will vary depending on the amount of drug, the type of drug and the circumstances of your arrest. No two cases are the same, and our firm can explain the details of your charges.

Parks & Braxton, PA is comprised of a strong team of criminal defense lawyers who have committed their careers to the understanding and practice of criminal law. We are available 24 / 7 to take phone calls and have successfully handled thousands of cases in the past. We have proven that we have the power to fight and the knowledge to win, which gives us the effective defense your drug crime case truly needs.

Types of Drug Offenses

This is a charge typically associated with marijuana. Cannabis, the proper name for marijuana, is a plant that can be grown/cultivated with warmth, light and water like most other plants. This crime is also closely tied with manufacturing, which involves producing other illegal narcotics in drug labs.

First Time Drug Charges
Your first time being arrested can be one of the most disturbing experiences, especially if you were entirely unprepared for this very moment. At our firm, we ensure that your first time drug charges are treated with the most aggressive defense strategy.

Being charged with importation, another type of trafficking offense, can be devastating, especially if you are unaware of how to effectively handle the situation. If you have been charged with the importation of an illegal drug or prescription drug, you may face serious criminal charges.

This is the most common type of drug crime, because those who commit greater drug crimes all start with possession of the drug itself. Those who are found in possession of a great enough amount of the illegal narcotic may be cited for intent to sell.

Possession with Intent to Sell
In the state of Florida, it is a third degree felony to sell marijuana and a second degree felony to sell cocaine. Charges and penalties will differ depending on the amount found in possession and type of drug.

Prescription Fraud
Fraudulent claims regarding prescription drugs, such as the unlawful sales of a prescription medication, constitutes a crime in the state of Florida. Additionally, the drug crimes often referred to as doctor shopping or prescription forgery can also land a person with serious criminal consequences.

In Florida and throughout the nation, it is an illegal action to manufacture any type of drug. Any person who is caught preparing, producing or even repackaging any type of illegal drug may be charged with a serious offense that will go on his or her criminal record.

Types of Illegal Drugs
There are many different types of illegal drugs that are commonly associated with criminal offenses throughout Fort Lauderdale, including marijuana, heroin and PCP. Additionally, crystal meth, crack, cocaine, and ecstasy are found in some of the most common drug offenses.

Drug trafficking refers to the illegal selling, trading and purchasing of illegal narcotics on the "black market." This charge typically involves a group of people, rather than an individual.

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Drug charges can arise from unfortunate situations. You may have been caught in a "sting operation" or a police officer may have stopped you for a traffic offense and found the drugs in your car. Regardless of the circumstances that led to your arrest, your future depends on your ability to defend your story and your rights in court. Our firm is here to do just that. From gathering evidence to support your story to challenging the evidence used against you by the prosecution, we know what to do to benefit your case.

Charges for drug possession or possession with intent to sell are some of the most common drug offenses in Florida, and our firm has helped countless numbers of clients address these charges and more. We know the best defense strategies for your case, and we are experienced in handling the more serious drug charges like cultivation and trafficking. Our legal team is prepared to thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case and the evidence used against you in order to challenge any misconduct or errors committed by law enforcement officers. Contact our firm before you make any type of statement to law enforcement about your charges.

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