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New Brand of LeBron James Heroin on the Market

New Brand of LeBron James Heroin on the Market

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 3-Oct-2012

For teens and young adults who always like looking for the next new thing, a new brand of LeBron James heroin may seem tantalizing. Reports claim that the drug which uses the brand name of a NBA basketball star is similar typical heroin, but sells effectively because of its packaging. The heroin began circulating through Philadelphia late last month. A police officer caught a dealer with 140 packets of the narcotic. The bags were all imprinted with a silhouette of the famous basketball player and labeled "LeBron James." A police superintendent declared that he is certain LeBron James had nothing to do with the drug manufacturing and wouldn't be too happy to hear that his brand has been tagged with a dangerous narcotic.

At the moment, LeBron James has been working on marketing Sheet energy strips, which are small doses of caffeine that can allegedly boost game performance for athletes. The 140 bags that were usurped in this confrontation were valued at about $750. The dealer is now behind bars on a $250,000 bond. If you are caught dealing heroin in any packaging form in Florida, you can face a first-degree felony charge for your actions. If a dealer is caught with over 4 grams of the drug and less than 14 grams then he or she will have to spend at least three years in prison for the crime and may need to pay a fine of up to $50,000.

A dealer caught with over 14 grams of the drug but less than 28 grams will have a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment for 15 years and will be ordered to pay about $10,000 in fines for trafficking. If you have been caught with over 28 grams, you may face a mandatory minimum prison sentence for at least 25 years. Contact a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer at Parks & Braxton, PA if you have been charged with a drug crime and need representation.

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