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White Collar Crimes

Fort Lauderdale White Collar Crime Lawyer

Offenses Motivated by Money

Bank fraud, mortgage fraud, computer crimes, counterfeiting, insider trading, RICO, credit card fraud and extortion are but a few of the white collar crimes that one can be accused of. A white collar crime is a non-violent crime that usually takes place in a business or professional environment for the purpose of gaining unlawful profit. The majority of white collar crimes are considered federal crimes, and are consequently tried in federal courts.

A large percentage of the individuals who are charged with white collar crimes are well-respected upper management or are in a position to make important decisions. When you learn that you are under investigation for a white collar crime, you must take action immediately to protect your reputation and your career. Our firm is waiting to help you challenge your charges with the power of the law.

Cases We Handle

To counterfeit is to illegally imitate something that is protected by a patent. This can involve counterfeiting currency or counterfeiting consumer products.

Credit Card Fraud
This crime is wide in range, but deals primarily with theft of credit card information for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining funds.

This crime involves withholding funds that actually belong to someone else. Typically, these funds are entrusted to a business or individual for a time, such as to a financial advisor, but not returned.

Identity Theft
This crime is committed when an individual steals someone else's information (credit card information, social security number, etc.) for the purpose of gaining access to their funds.

Mortgage Fraud
Those alleged of mortgage fraud are accused of falsifying information on their mortgage loan (home loan) application.

This stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. It was enacted in 1970 to combat organized crime rings, specifically the crime of racketeering.

Tax Evasion
Anyone who provides false information on their tax return statement commits tax fraud. These types of cases are investigated by the IRS.

Fort Lauderdale White Collar Criminal Attorney

When you need protection against a federal investigation, the distinguished criminal defense firm of Parks & Braxton, PA has the powerful legal defense you are looking for. With over 50 years of aggregate legal experience in criminal law, our proven legal team can help you construct the bulletproof defense you need. White collar crimes require a lengthy investigation and a substantial amount of evidence to prove that crimes such as identity theft, embezzlement, or tax evasion actually happened.

Being convicted of a white collar crime will be devastating to your future, and you will always have a felony conviction on your record. Our firm will review your case and the evidence brought against you to uncover any mistakes or flaws in the prosecution's case. We are relentless in our defense of our clients, and we never back down from a challenge in court because we understand what is at stake. Avoid hefty fines, prison time, restitution and other damaging penalties by calling a Fort Lauderdale defense lawyer at our firm today. Our firm has successfully handled thousands of cases, and we want to work with you next!

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