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Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth Charges in Ft Lauderdale

Ft Lauderdale Drug Crime Attorney

If you have recently been arrested in Fort Lauderdale for the possession, cultivation or distribution of methamphetamine or crystal meth, it is in your best interests to immediately speak to a Fort Lauderdale drug crime lawyer from our law office. Crystal meth, also known as speed, ice, glass, and crank, is highly addictive in nature and affects the central nervous system and brain. It has the effect of increased alertness and even the sense of euphoria, which has made the drug popular in college-aged adults. This drug, however, is categorized in one of the highest penalty classes of drugs and will be heavily prosecuted in a court of law.

When a person faces charges related to crystal meth, they may face much more than just a charge of possession. In fact, simply having the tools necessary to cultivate methamphetamine can lead to additional charges at the initial booking or preliminary hearing phase of the criminal process. These charges are always very serious and can have lifelong consequences on a person who is convicted of a crime. In addition to penalties such as imprisonment and fines, a person may face humiliation with a tarnished reputation and the inability to obtain future employment due to a blemished criminal record.

Drug Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale: Defense for Crystal Meth Crimes

After being arrested and charged with a drug crime related to crystal meth, it is important to come to our law firm. We will immediately review your case, as we know that all drug crime cases are time-sensitive. We will look into challenging the validity of the arrest in itself to determine if your Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights were violated. Additionally, we at Parks & Braxton, PA will scrutinize the investigation by police to determine if any procedural errors were made leading up to your arrest or at the time of your arrest. If you have been charged with any type of crime of crystal meth, allow the legal team from our firm to devise an aggressive defense strategy on your behalf. Our office has handled thousands of cases successfully and we are always standing by to take your phone call.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale drug crime lawyer from our office today to schedule your initial consultation. We can answer your call 24 / 7.

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