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PCP: Drug Crimes in Fort Lauderdale

Why You Need a Ft Lauderdale PCP Lawyer

What is PCP? Sometimes referred to as angel dust or Phencyclidine, PCP is a substance that was originally tested in the 1950s to be used as an anesthetic. At the time, the drug had too many adverse effects on the patients, often causing hallucinations. Due to its potentially dangerous nature at the time, it was discontinued for medical use and is currently considered to be a Schedule II substance in the United States. It comes in several different forms, including powder, liquid or capsule form. Sometimes, the substance is added to tobacco or marijuana and smoked.

Due to the high possibility for abuse and addiction, police in Fort Lauderdale are zealously pursuing and prosecuting any person they believe to be in possession of PCP. Police officers who suspect an individual of the possession, cultivation, manufacturing, or trafficking of this drug may conduct an investigation and even obtain a search warrant to obtain evidence for a case. If you or someone you know is under investigation or has been arrested for a crime related to PCP, it is very important to get the legal help you will need.

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Investigations are very sensitive in the fact that a certain procedure must be followed by the investigators and officers. If no probable cause has warranted a search, then the evidence found during this search may be thrown out. It is important for you to ask yourself if the officer had probable cause to believe you were in possession of this unlawful substance before search your vehicle, home or person. If not, the evidence may be suppressed.

At Parks &Braxton, PA, our attorneys work every day to protect the rights of those in Fort Lauderdale facing serious drug crime charges. When you choose to work with a Fort Lauderdale drug crime lawyer from our firm, you have the advantage of a former prosecutor and a team with 48 years of collective legal experience. We know how to properly approach charges related to PCP and we can provide you with a free consultation to give you more information on the charges at hand. Call us today; phones are answered 24 / 7.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale drug crime attorney at our firm to combat your PCP drug crime charges. Our lawyers have handled thousands of cases successfully and want your case to be our next success story.

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