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Fort Lauderdale Robbery Lawyer

Aggressive Defense Against Robbery Charges

If you are facing a robbery charge, you need a knowledgeable and experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer who will fight to keep you out of jail. Robbery involves face to face confrontation with the victim, and is defined in Florida law as the taking of money or other property from the person or custody of another. Robbery is different from simple theft because it involves the use of force, violence, assault or intimidation during the course of taking the money or property.

Depending on the nature of your arrest and your situation, you may face a first degree or second degree robbery charge. Robbery while carrying a fire-arm or other deadly weapon, a first degree felony offense, can result in a 30 year prison sentence even for a first-time offender. The use of a firearm during a robbery may add additional years to your sentence, and the actual discharge of a firearm can add up to 20 additional years.

Robbery Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Robbery is a felony that is considered a "strike" under Florida's Three Strikes Law. After you have been arrested and accused of robbery, you will face a seasoned prosecutor in the courtroom who will try to convict you of the full punishment available under the law. Talk to a defense lawyer at Parks & Braxton, PA immediately to learn how we can help defend your rights against theft crimes.

You are legally entitled to the best defense you can find, and robbery charges required a highly experienced defense lawyer who has a thorough understanding of criminal law. There may be concrete evidence against you, but our firm will investigate every possible defense strategy that may be effective in reducing your charges. We have already successfully handled thousands of cases, and we invite you to be our next success story. Come to our law firm, where we have the power to fight and the knowledge to win.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale theft lawyer at our firm today for helpful legal counsel and strong defense against your robbery charges. We are available to take calls 24/7.

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