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Even prescription drugs can result in a DUI arrest!

In Florida, like in many states, you can be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. If you were charged with driving under the influence of drugs you are likely facing serious penalties. It is often difficult to prove that a person was driving under the influence of drugs because a simple breath test cannot accurately inform an officer of this. Problems often arise when officers make false assumptions about people that they believe are driving under the influence of drugs. Many times people are simply taking prescription medication that can warrant a search by police officers of the person and vehicle.

It does not matter whether or not the drugs you were on at the time of the accident were illegal or prescribed. If an officer believed that the drugs you were on impaired your ability to drive, then he or she will likely charge you with driving under the influence of drugs. In Florida, drivers operate under implied consent. This means that when any driver signs up for a driver's license, they are agreeing to subject themselves to a blood, breath or urine test if an officer makes an arrest on suspicion of drugs. Refusal to take any of these tests can result in an automatic license suspension. You have every right to appeal these charges and your suspension, but you only have 10 days and need the help of a skilled attorney who can prove that drugs did not impair your ability to drive in the situation.

Arrested for driving under the influence of drugs?

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in Broward County, then speak with Parks & Braxton, PA immediately. We will be able to inform you of your rights during your free case evaluation. Should you become our client, we guarantee that we will come up with the best strategy possible in order to gain you the justice you deserve after your charges. Our Fort Lauderdale DUI attorneys have been able to obtain literally thousands of successful case results for our clients, so if you are interested in aggressive representation that gets these kinds of results, then speak with someone from our firm immediately. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to take your calls. We are even available on holidays because we believe that DUIs don't always come at a convenient time.

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