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Careless Reckless Driving

Reckless & Careless Driving

Strong Defense Against Driving Charges

Law enforcers are out on the roads looking for those who appear to be driving in a dangerous manner. Charges of a roadway violation such as running a red light or failing to obey to traffic signs may be accompanied by a traffic ticket for careless or reckless driving. These are both similar charges that can be issued to those that are driving in a way that an officer believes can cause harm to both them and the other drivers around them.

A careless driving charge is often given to those that are not driving safely but appear to be unaware. It is the less serious charge of the two. Reckless driving can be charged for those that are driving dangerously and appear to be doing so both knowingly and with the intention of causing harm. A reckless driving charge can add to the penalties you may already be facing for any traffic violations committed while driving recklessly. It can include jail time, fines or the general increase in your charges. Since a charge can be subjective and left up to the discretion of the officer, they can be disputed to have them either reduced or dropped.

Ticketed for running a red light?

Running a red light can be dangerous for both you and the other cars going through the intersection. Since serious accidents can occur when one vehicle runs the intersection the laws have been made severe to force drivers to take precaution. Many innocent people however, have to deal with these penalties even if they did not commit the crime. They assume because they are charged that they must pay immediately rather than disputing the ticket.

Running a red light can leave you paying hundreds of dollars for the fine as well as additional expenses for traffic school if you are eligible to take it. You may instead have points placed on your driving record and as a result your insurance will be increased. In the state of Florida, 12 or more points on your record can place restrictions against your ability to drive.

The goal of our team is to prevent against any of our clients having to experience that tough effects of a citation. If you are cited with running a red light, a hard hitting attorney from our office can defend you. They can inform you of what your ticket involves and counsel you on the best way to navigate the traffic law system. With thousands of cases successfully handled in the past, we know we are the right firm for you.

Help from a Fort Lauderdale Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Our firm will build a compelling case in an effort to prove that you had no intention of driving recklessly and that you were following traffic laws. We have defended countless individuals before, seeking to protect them from facing damaging punishments placed by law enforcers. We have years of experience and thousands of successful cases under our belts that have given us the knowledge we need to accurately take down a charge. Our Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorneys are devoted to representing our clients as best we can; proving them with ambitious, qualified service. Our legal counsel is a great asset to all of our clients, enabling them to deal with a ticket as effectively as possible.

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