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Drivers License Suspension

Driver's License Suspension in Fort Lauderdale

Have you received too many tickets?

A license suspension can be a common occurrence for many. There are various types of charges and traffic tickets that include having your license suspended as part of the penalties. Some may lose their license as a result of a criminal offense, DUI, failing to pay fines, or for having multiple traffic offenses. A suspension is temporary but it can include a long waiting time. When your license is suspended, you will be unable to drive until your privileges are reinstated. If you choose to drive before they are reestablished, you may further your suspension or be penalized with a revocation. Unlike a revocation, when your license is suspended you will get it back eventually without having to go through as many steps to obtain it.

When compared to jail time and high fines, some may not view a driver's license suspension as a serious penalty, but it can be detrimental in many ways. For some, they are reliant on a vehicle to get to and from work. Without the ability to operate a vehicle by yourself, you will have to rely on other forms of transportation. This can mean that for a long period of time you need to resort to carpooling or public transportation to get to your job; both of which can be highly inconvenient. Others need to be able to drive to take their kids around, including school drop off and pick up. If you are facing license suspension, a lawyer can pursue various options in an effort to regain your driving privileges. We can petition the courts, presenting a compelling case for the reasons you should be allowed to drive. The court may choose to grant you an occupational license or allow you to attend traffic school as a compromise.

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At Parks & Braxton, PA, we aggressively defend the rights of our clients to dispute their charges. You have the ability to contest them and with our assistance you may be able to have them reduced or dismissed. With the years of experience and legal capability of our team, we will seek to protect you against losing your license. We are a high quality firm that considers every case we handle with extreme importance. When you are charged, turn to us to provide competent legal guidance and qualified representation. Our firm has more than 48 years of combined legal experience in a number of areas of the law in addition to thousands of successful case outcomes. We are tough defenders that don't let anything stand in our way. Take advantage of our free case evaluation. Our firm also offers 24/7 phone lines so you can always reach us.

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