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Excessive Lane Changing

Traffic Tickets: Excessive Lane Changing

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When you are driving on the road, many situations will arise that force you to need to switch lanes. This can include a driver that is going to slow, the need to move over to turn on a street or lane changing in order to avoid an object on the road. When you do change lanes, it is important that you look around to make sure you can do so without hitting another car. You should also put on your blinker to notify other drivers that you are changing lanes.

While it is within your ability to change lanes when driving on the road, doing it too often can become dangerous. Some drivers may change lanes incessantly while on the freeway, weaving in and out of cars in an effort to get to their destination faster. In their hurry they may fail to properly check that it is safe to get over and they may collide if another car breaks while they are changing. Lane changing should be done at the discretion of the driver. If an officer believes that you have changed lanes too frequently, especially without need, they can issue you a traffic ticket.

Excessive Lane Changing: Defense Against Your Fort Lauderdale Ticket

Before paying your ticket, speak with a Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket lawyer from our firm about your charges. When you pay your ticket immediately, you are admitting guilt when many times there is not enough sufficient evidence to prove that you did in fact commit the act you were cited for. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience dealing in legal matters. With thousands of successful cases in our past, we have defended countless cases and represented many individuals with similar charges or in other types of traffic tickets. If you pay your ticket, you may also have to pay other fines including insurance and traffic school don't let a wrongful judgment call by highway patrol force you to pay high fines. Our firm will represent you to seek having the ticket reduced or dismissed.

If you have been accused of excessive lane changing, contact a Fort Lauderdale traffic violation attorney from our firm to help you dispute the ticket. We can take your call 24 / 7.

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