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Out of State Violations

Out of State Violations

Defense from a Traffic Offense Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Each state has their own rules of the roadway that they enforce. While many of the general laws may be similar, those differences are important to take note of. Small changes in these laws can lead to making an honest mistake and may result in a ticket. When you are ticketed while visiting Florida, a Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorney from our firm can help you handle your claim and challenge the charges brought against you. What is standard law in your home town may not be the case elsewhere. You may be driving safely and are unaware that you violated a traffic law or you may have made an error when you were driving and ran a red light.

Whatever the situation may be, when you are driving in a state other than your own, you are held to their traffic laws. If you violate them, you are held responsible by their courts. This does not mean, however, that a ticket cannot follow you home. States share information involving drivers and traffic violations, which means that the state you are ticketed will send word to the state that your license is from. The violation can also eventually reach to your insurance company and may lead to a drastic increase in your premium.

Fighting an Out of State Traffic Violation

When you are ticketed in a state that is not your home state, turn to us to help. Our strong knowledge of the law may help you avoid the repercussions of a violation that occurred in another state. If you are a visitor to Florida, the last thing you want from your vacation is a traffic ticket to bring back home. Our attorneys are extremely skilled at what they do. We are constantly honing our skills; developing our legal ability so that we can better represent our clients. We make it our goal to powerfully defend you against a charge so that you do not have to suffer the repercussions. Take advantage of our free case evaluation so you can learn how our help and representation can benefit your case.

Here at Parks & Braxton, PA, we offer 24/7 phone lines so that we are always available to answer your questions and help you. Our law firm has already handled thousands of cases, proving that our team possesses legal knowledge and resources that enable us to fight, as well as the knowledge that is necessary to win your case in court. Do not hesitate to contact a Fort Lauderdale traffic violation lawyer from our firm as soon as possible if you have been ticketed out of state.

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