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Open Container Charges in Fort Lauderdale

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Were you ticketed for driving with an open container of alcohol in your car? Speak to a Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket lawyer to learn how you may be able to reduce the penalties or avoid a ticket altogether. We provide a free case evaluation to help you get started. Since any type of ticket imposes negative effects on those who are cited, all actions available should be explored in an effort to avoid them. You do not want to let a simple mistake like driving with an open container put you at risk for any type of punishment.

In the state of Florida it is illegal to be driving with an open bottle of alcohol. It is illegal to have an open bottle of alcohol present even if the alcohol belongs to a passenger in the car. Since an officer cannot be sure whether you were or were not drinking, if you do have an open container it needs to be placed in the trunk. If you are ticketed for this offense, you can choose to fight it. Like other offenses, when you pay the fine you are admitting to the court that you are guilty of the crime you have been accused of. You have a right to contest the charge and our team of lawyers will strive to prove your innocence.

Open Container Policy in Fort Lauderdale

Our firm has helped many drivers in and around Fort Lauderdale to dispute their charges and have a ticket dismissed. With more than 50 years of combined legal experience between our attorneys, we are well qualified to handle any number of cases. We have extensively devoted ourselves to understanding Florida laws and the methods for fighting your charges. With our in-depth understanding and defensive skills, we may be able to successfully have your ticket reduced or dropped. When you choose to work with a Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorney at Parks & Braxton, PA, you can rest assured knowing that you have exceptional guidance and representation from start to finish.

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