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It is not uncommon for each different area of the road to have its own regulations that are enforced to ensure safe driving occurs there as much as possible. One way in which the streets are guarded is through the enforcement of no passing zones. In many areas where you drive, you may be able to safely go around a car that is driving slowly. You are often allowed to pass other vehicles on freeways, 2-way roads where the lines on the road are broken, and multilane roads. Some areas, however, have restrictions on whether or not you can pass a car. Areas such as school zones, one lane streets and construction zone may prohibit the passing of another vehicle because it poses certain dangers in that specific location.

Accidents that occur in these no passing areas can leave those involved, such as a construction worker or student, injured. In the state of Florida, traffic laws prohibit passing in certain zones and issues tickets for those that fail to adhere to the law. Repercussions can include points being added to your driving record, and if you obtain too many points, you can face a suspension or revocation of your license as well as an increase in the cost of your insurance. You can also have to pay the fee of the ticket along with traffic school. If an accident occurred as a result of the traffic violation, the charges can be more extensive.

No Passing Zone Violations: How a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

Fighting a traffic ticket is important and with the help of a Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket lawyer from our firm, you stand a better chance of doing so. We have represented thousands of clients and have years of extensive involvement in the legal world. We are well versed when it comes to the laws of the state, and serving as a former prosecutor, an attorney from our firm knows what you can be up against when you face the court systems. Our team is devoted to our clients and with our strong legal representation we will pursue avoiding different types of traffic tickets. We have handled thousands of cases successfully, and we are ready for your case next.

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