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Failure to Obey Traffic Signs

Failure to Obey Traffic Sign Violation

Defense from a Fort Lauderdale Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The roads are filled with many types of signs. They guide us on how we should be driving or warn us if there is any type of obstacle up ahead. Some signs are just to inform us, such as a sign that lets you know the road up ahead will begin to curve more. Some signs are temporary and are only put up for a period of time to let us know that the rules of the roadway are different in this area than they normally are. This can include a construction site on the freeway. Orange signs may be placed strategically to let you know to be careful when driving next to workers, as well as a sign that lets you know the legal speed limit has changed in this area so as to make the construction site safer for those involved. Many of the signs that traffic tickets are cited for include permanent postings.

Some examples of these are a stop sign, no passing sign, school sign and even a stop light. These are signs that have been placed up by local government after they have determine what precautions need to be taken for this specific area to ensure drivers and pedestrians are all kept safe. Any failure to adhere to these signs can leave you with a number of penalties. Each sign can have its own repercussions that ensue following a violation of the regulations it communicates. A yielding sign may not be as severely punished as running a stop sign. If you have been ticketed, you may be dealt a harsh blow by Florida law enforcement forcing you to pay high fines, take traffic school or have points added to your record. In more serious cases, jail time may even be included.

If you get more than 12 points on your record you can have to face additional penalties than can increase the amount you pay for insurance or restrict your right to drive. You may not have even ran the stop sign. Failing to adhere to the sign for the correct amount of time can also cause you to be cited. While you may have slowed down, unless your car came to a complete stop for three seconds, allowing you time to look both ways, an officer may decide to charge you. This leaves the decision open for question. Some officers will place themselves near a stop sign knowing that not all drivers stop for a complete three seconds. For them this can be an easy way to write tickets. If you are cited with a ticket, you are still not without a choice. You can choose to fight your ticket and our firm will be there to help.

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While it is important to always obey traffic laws, the punishment for failing to do so may often times be more severe than what the violation deserves. A Fort Lauderdale traffic violation attorney from our office is always ready to fight for you if you have been ticketed. We have handled thousands of cases successfully in the past, and we are ready to take on your case today as well. We will inquire into your ticket charge to determine if the ticket was rightfully issued or if a mistake was made by the fault of the police. We have defended thousands of clients and have the power and legal knowledge to successfully represent you in many types of traffic tickets. You have rights under the law and our attorneys strive to make sure that you are not taken advantage of through a wrongful ticket or overly severe punishment.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale traffic violation lawyer from our firm to inform you of your rights if you are ticketed for violating a traffic sign. We can take your call 24 / 7.

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