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Traffic Ticket Penalties

Traffic Violation Penalties in Florida

Fort Lauderdale Traffic Ticket Attorney

When you are ticketed for a traffic violation you will be facing penalties under Florida state law. Rather than paying the ticket immediately, speak to a Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket lawyer to learn about how you can dispute your ticket and possibly avoid the penalties. At Parks & Braxton, PA, our legal team is recognized as one of the most powerful and knowledgeable defense firms. We have already won thousands of cases on behalf of clients and have a track record that speaks for itself. We provide free consultations and can answer your call at any hour of the day or night. Your driving record and your future are in jeopardy if you have been cited with any type of traffic ticket, and we want to help.

One of the largest ways that traffic tickets can result in penalties is through the point system. In Florida, different violations can mean various amounts of points are placed against your driving record. The amount of points is dependent on the violation and how severe it was. When you receive a ticket for driving over the speed limit up to 15 mph over, it can put 3 points against your record. Tickets for speeding that resulted in an accident can result in 6 points against your record.

While each state has their own way they deal with traffic violations and many even have their own variations of the points system, Florida law regulates that when 12 or more points are placed against your license within 12 months you can begin having your ability to drive restricted. This can include a suspension or revocation of your license. Your insurance will also find out about your points and may choose to increase the cost of your insurance premiums according to the amount of points you have. Traffic ticket penalties may also include high fines, and even the smallest of tickets can cost you a hefty amount. You may need to take traffic school for some types of violations, which is an additional expense as well as time consuming.

Protect Yourself From Penalties

If you have recently had other traffic violations, you may be ineligible for traffic school, which means you are unable to avoid points going on your record. In any type of ticket you are facing, our attorneys can represent you. Through our knowledge of the laws and our vigorous defense, we will explore all options available to help you avoid the penalties. Call our firm for a free case evaluation today and find out how we can help you fight a traffic ticket.

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